Travelling to Bexhill: Special Rail Offer!

English: Bexhill-on-Sea
English: Bexhill-on-Sea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
National Rail Enquiries is showing ADVANCE booking on CERTAIN SPECIFIED TRAINS of £5 each way from London. 
Those trains are:  


Victoria 0747 Bexhill 0939, direct;  
Victoria 0836, Bexhil 1024, 5 mins change in Brighton.  
insider tip: avoid the 0836 - if one isn't familiar with Brighton station that's a tight 5 mins.
Bexhill 1805, Victoria 1958 direct;  
Bexhill 1905, Victoria 2058 direct.
Discount 30% for Senior Railcard!  And on 16-25 Railcard.   Though not for Network Railcard.
So an older or younger railcard holder booking ahead and sticking to it could get Victoria - Bexhill return for £6.60, and anyone else £10 return.

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